Kiwi and the Bear


We are Kiwi and the Bear, a creative couple from the middle of the UK made up of Hayley (Kiwi); a freelance illustrator, independent maker, and the mastermind behind K&TB, and Aaron (Bear); a musician who’s a dab hand with a roll of tape and a calculator.

Since 2015 we’ve had amazing opportunities, we’ve been able to teach workshops on the techniques that we use, we found cool ways to use our scraps and reduce our overall waste, and we have been able to expand the products we sell one of which was a big leap for us: original art prints – yay!

We’re so grateful we get to make a mess, have fun and be creative together, if you’ve ever made a purchase with us, shared us with a friend, or liked one of our images, thank you for your support we really appreciate ya!